Hot Shot BBQs Gallery
All steel frame Colt 45 cal. BBQ handgun.
Colt 45 cal. "Special"
Gun BBQ, Antique 1851 Navy pistol BBQ grill with smoker function, and LPG fuel supply inside pistol grip handel doors
Colt 1851 Navy Dragoon Pistol BBQ
Raw steel Colt 45 cal. BBQ pistol.
Raw steel for buisness.
When your BBQ gun is ready for action.
Stay back!! I got a BBQ gun an I KNOW HOW TO USE IT.
18"x22"  grill and sear plate.
This cylinder is hot and ready for your favorite "load"
Pistol grip BBQ gun, 9' long.
Better serve this "load" before the crowd gets testy.
Heavy duty D rings for Pick-Up travel tye-downs.
Hurry, Reload!! That surly mob are yur kinfolks.
Consealed areas for tool stash in BBQ Gun.
BBQ Gun Secret Heidi-holes.
Push button spring loaded door to the grease drip pot.
Push button spring door to the "drippinz pot".
Bat-wing hinged doors to the fuel tank in the gun butt.
Pistol grip bat-wing doors to yer XXX jug.
The Pirate Captains Treasure Chest BBQ, and wicked barby swords
Be ye booty pirate scallawags ? then ye best attack with more than a skeleton appetite
Make out like a Pirate Captain when you serve "The Gold" from this Treasure Chest
Pirate Gold in this Treasure Chest
Treasure Chest Grill has 3 burners + 1 side burner
3 Burner heat for your "Gold" 1 side burner for the "Hot Slather"
Back off, Hungry !! Or I will dice ya from gizzard to groin wit ma grillin swords
Grab a "Grillin Sword" an start a boardin party = EAT HEARTY
steam train locomotive bbq smoker
6 doors ea. side acess to grill
S.S. Rotisserie 3 levels of grill racks
2 ton 6 axles rolls off trailer on track
steam train locomotive bbq smoker
upper 3 doors on each side / windows